About Us

Unlike smaller clinics, Complete Health & Wellbeing can address all your health problems and concerns as we specialise in multiple disciplines and services - Physiotherapy, Pelvic Health , Podiatry, Massage Therapy, Dietetics and Exercise Physiology.

Complete Health & Wellbeing has an onsite reformer and yoga studio and a gym tailored to your health and rehabilitation needs. With daily classes and support staff you can have confidence you’ll get the support and care you need.

Our gymnasium can complete your rehabilitation or transformation. Unlike commercial gyms ours is equipped with our clients in mind. Take advantage of our fully equipped reformer studio. With our reformers the exercise options are endless.


Preferred Providers

BUPA, Medibank or NIB?

We are a BUPA, Medibank Private and NIB Preferred Provider.

This means higher rebates and smaller "out of pocket" costs for you.

Private Preferred Provider.

Complete Health & Wellbeing

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